Kitchen Remodel – Fixing to Stay

fixing to stay kitchen remodel for ms helen
This is Ms. Helen 🙂

Meet Ms. Helen….one of the sweetest ladies you would ever meet.  She moved into her final retirement home in 2007 at the age of 88.  The kitchen in her new (to her) manufactured home DID NOT meet her needs.  Nor was it efficient and easy to work in. So, since she was fixing to stay in this home, we remodeled her kitchen.  She LOVED showing off her new kitchen remodel to all her friends and family.

As I mentioned, Helen was 88 when she moved into this charming retirement mobile home community in Scottsdale. Being widowed, she felt it was a good time move where many of her friends lived, and still be close to all her favorite places. Such as, her bank, her favorite stores, church, doctors, and family. Her family loved it because it offered the security of a gated community and neighbors who looked out for each other. It was perfect. Except for the kitchen. So, she came to us for help with the kitchen remodel design.

It was a success. She met her goal. Which was to fix her new home so she could live out her final days there. She passed in 2018 at the age of 99 ½ years old. Her kitchen remodel contributed to her health, well-being, comfort and most importantly, her independence.

Her home sold quickly, and for top dollar too. The first buyer who walked into it, had to have it. She loved the kitchen!

Here are the design features we incorporated into her home:

  • large deep drawers wherever possible
  • lazy Susan in lower corner cabinet
  • pull out lower cabinet shelving  
  • new design allowed for plenty of storage
  • lowered the microwave by using a cabinet wall shelf she would easily reach
  • special pullout base cabinet for her large (& heavy) Mixmaster mixer 
  • front knobs on range
  • small eating area at kitchen counter
  • 60 inch turning radius
  • D-shape hardware
  • a tall pull out pantry
  • replaced entry door
  • updated the lighting
  • and added additional lighting

Helen was incredibly involved in selecting her products, finishes and colors. Her cabinet finish was pecan, the appliances – white, and she chose a clear cheery green wall coloring.

She genuinely enjoyed her new kitchen remodel. It was one that allowed her to stay in place.

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