Book cover for Design Your Retirement Lifestyle, How to make you Money Las as you Age in Place with hearts in background
Here it is! 🙂

The Book is Finished! 🙂

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of “DESIGN YOUR RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE – How to make your Money Last as you Age in Place”.

Unless you’ve written a book, trust me, it’s hard to understand what it takes to put it together a product you believe everyone can benefit from. I could almost fill another book just describing what has transpired over the last 18 months

But I won’t!

Instead, I’ll give you a brief overview of what it’s about and why this is good news for virtually every family in America.

“Design Your Retirement Lifestyle – How to make your Money Last as you Age in Place” combines two concepts:

  • Adapting the best home design for you as you enjoy your retirement years.
  • How incorporating this design means your retirement funds can last longer.

Obviously I believe my design makes people safe and comfortable. Aging in Place, which I prefer to call Design for Aging, helps people navigate in, out and around their homes. It makes everything they need easy to reach.  The added benefit is to make each room timeless and beautiful for all inhabitants and visitors, regardless of their age and degree of mobility.

But there’s another benefit:

  • Making your hard earned dollars last as long as you need.

Progress in technology gives us the ability to live longer and stay more active as we age. But it comes with a caveat – the possibility of outliving our money.

Along with taxes and inflation…which are well established threats to our retirement incomes…we now have to consider what our medical expenses will be. In fact, medical bills have taken the spotlight as the #1 major threat to our savings.

This is where Design for Aging really makes the difference.

With the design tools offered in the book plus easy no to low-cost actions you can take, I show you how to transform your home into the sanctuary your relish AND stay as healthy as possible. Good physical and mental health are two of the best ways to ease the retirement burden on your wallet.

Not only do you enjoy your retirement years to the fullest, you enrich the lives of the loved ones around you. Imagine having as much quality time with them as possible.

This is the message I hope to get to as many people as possible.

Whether you prefer a physical copy or an eBook, both are available at It’s your complete guide on how to…

Live easy,


Book cover for"Design Your Retirement Lifestyle-How to make your Money Last as you Age in Place
Paperback & Kindle e-Book available on Amazon

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