Does Universal Design Keep Your Brain In Better Shape?

brain interior designer mesa az universal designImagine traveling home from work or shopping when a storm strikes. Or struggling to be patient as you crawl through heavy traffic for miles.

The one thing that gives you comfort is knowing that soon you’ll  kick the shoes off, grab a snack, or just sit in your favorite chair as long as you please.  Why?

Because you’re heading to the place you want to be…your home.

Loving Where You Live Reduces Stress

Re-modeling companies emphasize home beauty because they know when homeowners love their homes…everything’s better.

And research done in 2014 by AARP cites statistics on the strong desire to stay home.  Check out these numbers:

  • 78% of people 45+ want to live in their own homes as they age.
  • Even if day-to-day assistance is needed, most (82%) prefer to stay in their homes.
  • Only 9% prefer moving to a facility where care is provided.
  • A minimal 4% want to move in with relatives.(1)

OK, you might say this is just one segment of the population.  But the desire to stay home applies to more than adults over 45.

Think about the sandwich generation where families include young children and/or grandparents under one roof. And physical challenges aren’t age specific.  The same study shows:

  • 1 million Americans have limitations in cognitive function or a mental or emotional illness that interferes with day to day life.
  • 11 million Americans age six and older need personal assistance with daily activities.

Imagine a child with special needs coping in a facility. Or your teen needing a wheelchair for weeks…even longer…due to a car accident.

Comfortable surroundings impact how quickly they heal and thrive in everyday life.

Improve Everyone’s Outlook With Universal Design

Universal Design accommodates everyone – from young children to adults well in to their Golden years. The ability to live in place means all family members live safely and comfortably where they want to be.  In How Universal Design Keeps You Physically Fit, I note the staggering costs of physical injuries happening in homes today.

These are treatable.

Mental wellness can be more complicated. Our surroundings play a huge part in our day-to-day outlook. Think about it. Feeling safe and protected is critical to good mental health.  Its value is beyond calculation.

To your health and happiness.

Live easy,


(1)Living in Place Institute, LLC

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