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So…what are TOE TAG HOMES ®?

So – What is a TOE TAG HOME?

Recently I trademarked the term “TOE TAG HOMES ®” to define the work I do…which is to help people live in the homes they love as long as possible.

 It is an unusual term and the inspiration came (as it often does) from a client. That’s not surprising – I get most of my ideas from my clients just by listening to what they say about themselves and how they want to live. In this case, I was on a consultation to ‘age’ a bathroom  with a client (who’s also a friend) when she said…

 “I don’t want to leave my home until they wheel me out on a gurney. “

“You mean you want to be rolled out with a tag on your toe?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly!”

Thus, the birth of the term “TOE TAG HOMES ®.”


TOE TAG HOMES ® Enrich Retirement Living

I have to admit, my husband thinks Toe Tag Homes ® sounds morbid. However, the more I discuss it, the more people see this as the freedom to stay home as long as they desire. For some, they want it to be as long as they live.

 “TOE TAG HOMES ®” are designed to be safe, functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Nothing promotes good health better than to live a full life in the place you enjoy. I use my skills to help clients create that sanctuary where they feel good and stay in control.

My training in Universal Design, specialization in design for Aging in Place, and certification in Home Safety gives me the tools to transform any home in to a safe haven.


Boomers Have Different Ideas About How To Retire

Unlike the Greatest Generation, Boomers aren’t as anxious to seek “senior living,” and especially assisted living facilities. Not everyone will have that choice, but with a Toe Tag Home, anyone can extend their time where they want to live with little to no assistance.


One More Reason For TOE TAG HOMES ®

You may have noticed words like freedom and control. There’s another good reason for TOE TAG HOMES ®.  In a word…finances.

The cost of assisted living runs thousands of dollars a month. Yes, that’s a month! Even well funded retirements can be devastated in a few years. It’s yet another reason why everyone should have the ability to stay home.

TOE TAG HOMES® are a key to seniors living those “Golden Years” with dignity and control for as long as possible.

Live easy,


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Got Questions?

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