Here’s What I Know about Aging in Place and My Clients

here's what i know about aging in place and my clients they love tier homes
There’s Nothing Better…Home Sweet Home!!

Note: This blog post, “Here’s What I Know about Aging in Place and my Clients”, was written in May 2015 and has been waiting for me publish it. It’s too good not to share it… so I’m doing so now!

It’s about control!!

Have you noticed how people who control their lives tend to be the most relaxed?

I get to meet many people who choose to live life on their own terms. It’s one of the things I love about my work.

Here are some characteristics they have in common.


  • See aging as a new adventure. They know their bodies will change over time and affect their quality of life. Yet – they look forward to the future.
  • Choose where and how to live. They’ve researched the alternatives and realize the best way to spend life is to live in homes they love as long as possible. They want solutions that will ensure this.
  • Want to stay independent. With Universal Design and technology, they’re able to adapt their homes for safe, easy living. The key areas are heavily used rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Often the return on investment is only a year or two. Plus, it adds value to the home itself.
  • Are proactive when it comes to being prepared. They don’t wait for a medical crisis, or event, to take action. They understand the best time to make decisions is when there’s no pressure or stress.
  • They have children who love them.  These children do everything in their power to help and support their parents live at home…their way…for as long as they want or can. (Typically it’s the children that call me in to help.)

Living in a safe, comfortable home means extended independence – not a burden on the family.

It’s a joy to help people achieve their goals of maintaining control over their lives. It’s why I decided to specialize in Aging In Place.

What about you or your parents – have you taken the first step to live life to the fullest, for as long as possible?

A good place to start is a home assessment. It’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. More important, it can ease your mind on how to stay in control of your home.

You can wait until something happens that forces an action…or call now and do it on your own terms.

Live easy,


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