Do the Colors In Your Home Fight Each Other? – Color is Complicated!

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Do the colors in your home fight each other? Yea? That’s because color is complicated!

When it comes to color, we don’t realize how complicated it really is.

But, it is…color is very complicated! When we think of color, we tend to think in primary vs. pastels…or shades instead of tones.

But that’s not the case.

Too often I see homeowners with great ideas that don’t work. It’s not their fault. Sometimes the wrong UNDERTONE of color can torpedo an entire project. For example, beige can have pink, yellow, green (or even orange or gold) undertones. Get the wrong mix and the entire project is “off.”

Actually, one of the most important characteristics of color is the UNDERTONE. For example, grey (which is popular right now) can have green, blue, violet or blue/green undertones. Just like with beige, get it wrong and the entire project is “off.”

Another complication is color itself. 

A single color can be described as Light or Dark, Cool or Warm, Clean or Dirty. So let’s take a look at green. One green color could be described as dark, warm and dirty. Why dirty? It means the green is muddy due to having some black in it. Another green could be light, cool and clean. What makes it clean? It has some white in it. Both will have a green undertone; however, they may not work well together because of contrast. In other words, when you mix clean and dirty colors, the clean colors will make the dirty colors look just plain ugly.

Dunn Edward Green Paint Samples
Light, Cool & Clean
Color sample of a dark, warm & dirty green
Dark, Warm & Dirty

To help visualize how complicated color can be, here are a couple of examples from Dunn Edwards. Top is #DE5661 & bottom is #DE5656.

A Color Consultation is your best path to making the right changes the first time.

Why do a color consultation?

Because we understand color and undertones, we can work around colors in our client’s homes that don’t necessarily go together. It’s more than walls. Flooring, furniture, countertops and backsplashes all contribute to the overall appearance and tie the room together.

Believe it or not, a color consultation can take up to three hours. Why? Color is personal and emotional. And what most people don’t realize is how complicated color really is. It’s why we do color consultations.

Color consultations include choosing colors that are unique to you, your home, your likes and wants.

And there’s more.

We give our clients a color sample of selected paint color(s) to make it easy to select new items coming into the home…or…realizing something has to go because it doesn’t work. Furthermore, you get a document listing the brand, color and room placement so your project is perfect the first time.

And that’s not all!

For a limited time we’re offering 30% off the regular price of a color consultation. It’s makes a good investment even better!

Even if you’re not ready to change right now, let’s talk about what you’d like to do. Along with immediate savings, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your project will have the designer look you envision.

So many times after I’ve done a color consultation, my client is amazed at how the right mix changes the entire look.

kitty cat on his back with arms open
Does your home “HUG” you?

When it comes to your home, the colors you choose should be unique to you, your likes and your wants. Because color is complicated, a Color Consultation is your best path to making the right changes the first time. Our goal is, your home “hugs” you when walk in.

Live easy,


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