How do you charge for your services?

My initial connection will cost you nothing but your time, and maybe a cup of coffee. We’ll start by meeting at a location convenient to us both to discuss what you want to do.

My first concern is making sure I understand why you want to do your project – and what you have envisioned.  I take time to evaluate your wish list and priorities. Then, based on what you want and need, I develop a Value Based Fee proposal that fits your desires and your budget.

My clients have found they love this model. With a Value Based Fee proposal, they decide up front exactly how much they’re comfortable investing, and know that the project will not exceed that amount.

 Why do you charge for a consultation?

Sometimes, all a client needs or wants is a little design assistance. I charge for consultations when my client is specifically asking my expert opinion, or wants work performed; similar to how an attorney or other professional would bill for their expert time and advice.  Consultations take place where the work is to be done. The information you get will provide you with the tools to proceed; whether you do it yourself or continue to work with me.

 What if I want to be involved in the project?

This is one of the topics we cover when we meet to discuss your project. We talk about your level of involvement and what you’re comfortable with…

Do you want to be involved with every detail, some of the details, or do you want your interior designer to handle everything?

My clients are delighted to discover I have several service options.  Not only does this give you the freedom of choice, it gives you the ability to control your investment.  My service choices are:

  •  Full Service
  •  Partial Service
  •  Partial Service with your designer handling the details
  • Concepts, Drawings & Specifications only

Before we start working together, I want you to feel comfortable with the choices we make.  We’ll have a clear plan of what each of us will do, and how we’ll work together.

How do I know I’ll love the finished project?

This is why it’s so important to spend time early on talking about your project and what you envision. My job is to have a clear understanding of what you need, feel, and desire. With this, I’ll know what direction to take to make that vision a reality.

Then, I combine your vision with my knowledge, skills, and expertise. The result is to give you the space you imagined it to be.

For example…

When clients hire me, they get the peace of mind knowing that my experience will translate their project into the space of their dreams for many years to come.

I recently had a client who was fighting to stay in her home.  Although she could still get around, she needed easier navigation and accessibility to every-day items.  Understanding the changes she needed, I created a safe and comfortable environment where she’ll continue to live for years.

Here’s what she said to me:  “If only you knew what it was like to have something taken away from you and then have someone give you back that mobility!  How grateful and appreciative I am.”

There are several ways we may work with you on your project. interior designer, mesa Arizona, universal design, toe tag homes, aging in place

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