How the Color of Your Home Enhances Your Success!

everywhere you look...there is color

Color REALLY does matter….

The next time you walk into your house, whether it’s through the front door or from the garage – take a moment to think –How does it feel to be home?”

Do you relax…take a deep breath…maybe sigh with relief?

Or are you ‘still on the job’?

The right colors in your home affect your outlook. They enhance positive feelings…or prolong agitation. You may not even realize how they work for you – until you take that moment to evaluate your mood after you walk in the door.

There are no studies linking work success with color, yet experts agree that outlook during off-work hours impacts job performance.

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine…

“…the colors you choose affect how you feel. And how you feel affects, how you think and behave. So choosing the right colors and decorations can impact the success of your business.”

To help people achieve success, I’m doing more color consultations. It’s easy to understand why…

Color is personal.

Color is emotional.

Color can be complicated.

Most of my clients know what they want. They have favorite colors. They cut out pictures of rooms that attract them. Yet, when they try to put it together, it just doesn’t come out the way they want, and it leaves them feeling frustrated. With a consultation, we put colors together that fulfill their vision.

Look around your home. Does it flow from room to room? Do individual rooms look good, but something’s still missing?

If it’s not right, it may only need a minor change to create harmony. During the consultation, I determine where the dis-connect is – and how to fix it. It may be something as basic as lighting fixtures, furniture color, or simple accents (like a pillow on the sofa).

I can’t guarantee I’ll make you more successful at work, but I do make people more comfortable in their homes. Just give me a call at 480-695-1360. Transitioning your home may be simpler than you think, and who knows what else it can do!

Forbes agrees:

“You need to be able to unconsciously transition from home to work and vice versa. This boundary will be an unconscious reminder to have healthy boundaries and balance in your life.”

Tonight, when you go home after work, stop for a moment. Look around. Think about how you feel. If you’re relaxed, that’s great. If not…let’s talk.


Jeanette Knudsen, owner of Design For A Life Span and a professional Interior Designer, creates homes that offer the luxury of independence and timeless beauty; yet are forever functional. She can be reached at 480-695-1360 or


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